What is it?

Balance and fall prevention aims to help people regain or improve their balance in order to assist with their movement and ultimately to help reduce the risk of falls as a result. Balance is learning to steady your body, while still and in motion, and to move with control and purpose.

How can it affect me?

Without balance, or confidence in their balance, many people become fearful of walking which can have negative consequences on overall physical and mental health and well-being. Poor balance is also a risk factor for falls and many injuries.

How Neuphysio can help!

Our knowledgeable staff at Neuphysio are experienced at assisting people with their balance in order to prevent falls. We understand the multiple systems that have to work together in your body in order to have balance, including vision, inner ear/vestibular and feedback from your muscles and joints. We not only assess all these areas but also incorporate them into your personalized treatment plan. Just like our mission statement says, we help people learn to walk and balance again.