What is EKSO?

EKSO is a wearable, battery operated bionic exoskeleton that enables clients with lower extremity weakness or paralysis to stand and walk on level surfaces. Motors power the hip and knee joints and motion is initiated through the use of an external controller. The EKSO is adjustable to fit individuals of different heights and weights.

The EKSO device enables the user to stand and walk with the assistant of either a front rolling walker or crutches. To use the EKSO effectively, the user must learn how to balance and weight shift when wearing the EKSO so that an efficient reciprocal gait pattern can be achieved.

The EKSO is designed only for use in rehabilitation settings under the direction of a Physiotherapist who has been trained in proper EKSO operation. Each Physiotherapist completes EKSO certification training by the EKSO Bionics Clinical Training Team.

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