What is Keeogo?

Keeogo is called a Dermoskeleton device, which means it is a wearable technology that helps you move your own body (your skeleton!). The Keeogo has been developed to help people with mobility challenges which can be anything from knee or hip osteoarthritis, to Multiple Sclerosis, stroke, incomplete spinal cord injury, Myositis, Muscular Dystrophy, Parkinson’s Disease and more.

Keeogo is worn like a pair of motorized pants – it goes around your waist, with clips down the legs, motors at the knees and sensors at the hips. As you move while wearing the Keeogo, it senses your movement at your hips and knees, how you are positioned and what movements you are making. Based on settings inputted by your Keeogo-trained practitioner, the motors at the knee will then kick in to assist you with your intended movement. This could mean helping with moving from sitting to standing (or back to sitting), walking, stairs, squatting, and kneeling.

Not only can Keeogo be used as a rehabilitation tool, but it is also designed to be a device you can wear day-to-day at home or in the community in order to improve your independence and endurance with mobility! At Neuphysio, one of our trained Keeogo practitioners will be able to assess your ability to trial and use the Keeogo, as well as set you up with the appropriate settings and knowledge to be able to use the device at home.

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