What is it?

Low back pain refers to any discomfort that you may be experiencing in the lower part of your back, whether in the spine, muscles, and/or nerves. This pain may also radiate down into your hips and legs, or stay just in your back.

How can it affect me?

Low back pain is not only uncomfortable, but it can also affect your ability to complete day-to-day tasks, work, sports and more. You may feel pain, numbness or altered sensation as a result of your low back pain.

How Neuphysio can help!

Our experienced team at Neuphysio will initially complete an assessment in order to determine the cause and location of your low back pain, which will then be used to create a personalized treatment plan for you. Treatment for low back pain can include a number of things, such as hands-on therapy, osteopathy, massage therapy, exercises, education (i.e. how to manage pain at home), and pain-control modalities such as IFC.

Very often, injuries such as low back pain require a few of these options in order to help reduce the pain and to help fix the underlying cause of the pain such as muscle imbalances or weakness, posture and movement patterns and/or inflammation from a recent incident. Whatever the cause, at Neuphysio our multidisciplinary team is ready to help you feel better and get back to living your life again!