What is it?

Multiple Trauma is a term used to describe injuries involving several areas of the body and generally more complex injuries. Causes of multiple trauma may include car accidents, workplace injuries, sport injuries, etc.

How can it affect me?

Multiple trauma can include not only physical injuries but often also include psychological and emotional concerns as well, impacting your life in many different ways.

How Neuphysio can help!

At Neuphysio, we believe in a multidisciplinary approach to treatment and can address your injuries as a cohesive team. This may include physiotherapy, massage therapy, osteopathy, rehabilitation therapy, personal training, as well as a combination of treatment approaches and tools such as hands-on techniques, education, exercises, use of high-tech devices and more. Additionally, our team at Neuphysio regularly works with other types of healthcare providers in the community and are able to assist with referring you to other providers that work with multiple trauma injuries so that you are treated as a whole person and can get back to doing what you love again.