What is MyndMove?

MyndMove is a functional electrical stimulation device that is used by trained MyndMove therapists to help clients regain upper body function (from shoulder down to fingers). During these treatment sessions, electrode pads are placed on muscles in your arm based on the movements your therapist is trying to improve. The device then stimulates these muscles to contract in a specific sequence in order to produce coordinated movement patterns as would happen in an unaffected arm. For example, it may work to have you reach forward, open your hand then grab an item, release it, then pull your arm back in again.

MyndMove is meant to have high-frequency, high-repetition sessions in order to retrain your brain to learn these movements again, and requires not only the MyndMove machine/electrodes itself, but also involvement of your trained therapist and you consciously participating and thinking about the movements you are doing. These things are all necessary to help with recovery neuroplasticity – the ability of the brain to create new connections with the body and learn to move again through repetitions.

The stimulation from MyndMove to your muscles, doing the movements and thinking about the movements all send signals to your brain to start to make these new connections and pathways! MyndMove is all about relearning functional movements to help you become more independent again – reaching, grasping, holding a pen, bringing food to your mouth, and more!

Ask us how MyndMove may be appropriate for helping you learn to move again!