NDT and Bobath therapy are two similar therapy approaches that physiotherapists can use to help people with motor control and movement disorders. These specific training courses teach hands-on techniques, assessment strategies and treatment planning so that neurological conditions and disorders can be effectively addressed. Therapists learn how to modify their hands-on skills, fine-tune their motor assessment and help with movement retraining.

NDT and Bobath-trained physiotherapists undergo extensive post-graduate education in order to gain their qualifications. The training is internationally recognized. This very hands-on therapeutic approach helps to teach clients how to move their bodies in more efficient and functional ways, as well as ensure that clients are engaged and active participants in their rehabilitation.

The NDT/Bobath approach may be used by your physiotherapist in order to work on:

  • Postural control
  • Coordination of movement sequences
  • Movement initiation
  • Optimal body alignment
  • Abnormal muscle tone
  • Overall mobility – moving in bed, being able to sit or stand, learning to walk, etc.

It is an effective treatment approach that helps our clients learn to balance and walk again; and to get back to doing meaningful activities. Contact us to learn more or to find out if NDT/Bobath therapy would be helpful for you!