What is it?

Paediatrics refers to individuals under the age of 18.

How can it affect me?

There are disorders that can present during childhood that may require some intervention such as torticollis (stiff neck in infants), plagiocephaly (flat head in infants), cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, juvenile arthritis, developmental delays and more. Additionally, kids can have injuries just like adults – broken bones, sprains/strains, concussions, etc.

How Neuphysio Can Help!

At Neuphysio, our caring professionals are able to adapt treatment for kids of all ages so that they can be engaged in their therapy and reach goals that are important to them. This may mean using games and activities related to their interests, involving family members in treatment if needed or desired and using equipment in the clinic to help achieve success. We understand the importance of getting kids back to being kids again.