Are you looking to get your old game back or set out on a fun, relaxing path to recovery?

If you are living with:

Injury / Dizziness / Weakness / Neurological or Medical Disease / Stroke / Brain Trauma / Pain

and will enjoy the golf experience, it’s time to tee off with TGR.

Therapeutic Golf Rehabilitation

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Get back into the swing

Applying research into using golf as a means to rehabilitation, TGR not only helps injured people return to golf – it uses golf to help people return to life. With a special interest in neurological rehabilitation, Sari Shatil and the team at TGR have helped people of all ages discover and recover through the gift of golf.

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Building on the inherent physical and mental health benefits of golf, Therapeutic Golf Rehabilitation (TGR) provides victims of neurological and musculoskeletal injury and disease with an innovative, evidence-based approach to rehabilitation.

In the embrace of nature it empowers us to explore the potential of the human body to focus power and accuracy – not through brute force – but through concentration, balance and discipline.


After a life changing health event, social interaction and depression can pose significant challenges to participation. TGR not only provides physical stimulation, it fosters mental, spiritual and social recovery as well.

In the embrace of nature, with the challenge of self-improvement as a powerful yet subtle incentive, you will get your swing back – while you get back into the swing.

Tee off into recovery

At any age, at any level of ability, TGR can make all the difference in recovery from injury or disease.

The TGR approach puts you on a team comprised of a physiotherapist, a kinesiologist and a CPGA professional.

  • Six-week therapeutic golf programs combine weekly one-to-one physiotherapy with small group golf lessons and an exercise program
  • For those unable to commit to a 6-week program, the therapeutic golf approach is available on a consult basis

Physiotherapy is the primary health care profession that promotes wellness, mobility and independent function. Physiotherapists have an understanding of how the body moves, what keeps it from moving well and how to restore mobility.

From beginners to experienced golfers – everyone benefits at TGR

Contact us today to tee off on your journey to recovery through the scientifically-supported, restorative power of golf.