What is it?

Sprains are partial or full tears of ligaments (tissues that connect bones together). Strains are partial or full tears of muscles. These injuries can be relatively common from activities such as sports, exercise, falls, or a sudden force that the ligament or muscle is unable to control.

How can it affect me?

With sprains and strains, there may be pain, swelling and bruising. Using the affected muscle or joints may be difficult to do and injuries to the lower body (i.e. the common sprained ankle) can mean your walking and balance are also impacted.

How Neuphysio can help!

At Neuphysio, we will assess your injury and determine what was injured, what your limitations and concerns are and develop a treatment plan to get you back to your regular activities again.

Treatment often consists of:

  • Exercises to help strengthen and regain your range of motion
  • Hands-on techniques for pain control, range of motion and to reducing swelling
  • Modalities such as ultrasound, IFC, or laser to reduce pain and swelling

We will also educate you to help you understand how to gradually return to activities and feel confident with your abilities again. Your treatment plan will be specific to your injury and your goals.