What is it?

Vestibular problems refer to issues with your inner ear and parts of your brain that process sensory information – your vestibular system. This system helps with balance and some eye movements. Vestibular issues can occur as a result of a variety of things, including degenerative changes, concussion, tumour (e.g. acoustic neuroma), infections and various disorders.

The Human Balance System

How can it affect me?

If there is a disruption to your vestibular system then loss of balance and dizziness can occur. This can result in difficulty with walking, increased risk of falls, reduced independence and occasionally other symptoms such as nausea and fatigue.

How Neuphysio can help!

At Neuphysio, our trained physiotherapists are able to assess the cause and extent of your vestibular concern and develop an appropriate treatment for you.

Treatment generally involves:

  • Exercises, including balance training
  • Tasks to retrain your vestibular system’s function
  • Techniques to help lessen the impact of the balance and dizziness