What is it?

A workplace injury is any injury that happens while on the job.

How can it affect me?

There are many ways in which a workplace injury can occur and affect someone, including: a fall, repetitive strain injury (common ones include carpal tunnel, rotator cuff/shoulder and tennis elbow), equipment malfunction leading to trauma, heavy lifting injuries and more. Workplace injuries may not only affect your ability to carry out your job, but also cause you pain and impact your ability to perform other day to day and leisure activities.

How Neuphysio Can Help!

At Neuphysio, our therapists are trained in assessing your injury to be able to develop an appropriate treatment plan. We can help guide your return to work in a safe, gradual manner if needed, recommend any helpful modifications or workplace set-ups to help with your recovery and assist with workplace paperwork. At Neuphysio, we strive to get people feeling better and back to their work in a safe, effective manner.

Treatment through WSIB is available at Neuphysio for head injuries and complex traumas. Please contact us to determine if we can help you with your WSIB claim.